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A few words from the students on what it has meant to them to have started training.


“As a serving Firefighter/Paramedic, I can’t recommend Marcus and his style of training enough, not only have I been able to deal with physical confrontation, when it happens, but more importantly, I have learnt to identify conflict and use what he has taught me to de-escalate confrontation before it becomes physical.”
-- Philip Stanley


"Skills learned from Marcus won't just hold true in a fight on the streets, but they will hold just as true in any other every day situation. You will here learn skills that will hold true in any situation, for life."
-- Anders Holm


“I have been interested in martial arts from a young age but despite trying out multiple forms I always found something missing until I started Bujinkan. It's entirely functional and suited to real world applications unlike alot of what I learned elsewhere which was great for fitness but of little practical use. Not only has it been helpful for self defence but has given me the confidence to walk away from encounters that before training I would have found myself caught up in. I would reccomend this club to anyone interested in martial arts or self defence ”​
-- Kevin Leahy


“Joining the Bujinkan Dwyer Dojo has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has given me a very practical and useful way of knowing when and how to defend myself if needed. I have gained confidence, better fitness and a fantastic training environment. I feel truly privileged to train with some of the best and nicest people around. I would recommend this club at any time.”​
-- Annuschka Wiesemann


“After joining the Bujinkan Dwyer Dojo it has been a great experience. It teaches you selfdefence but also discipline. After coming out from a training session I always have a positive attitude, confidence and self control. I recommend this club to everybody for great training at any time.”​
-- Cian Bracken


“I have done many martial arts in my life. None of which made me feel like I was making any progress in the art. With Marcus, training is demonstrated clearly and explained in a down to Earth manner. Under Marcus's guidance I have greatly developed my skills and now feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Joining the Bujinkan is like acquiring a second family. The guys and girls there are always very supportive after a tough training session and when someone in the club falls on tough times. Plus there's always time for banter. I would highly recommend coming along and watching a class to see for yourself.”​
-- Mark Noone


“After watching this class once I knew I had to be a part of it! It's a fantasic way to learn how to defend yourself while increasing fitness and confidence. As a serving member of the defense forces, it's helped teach me how to diffuse situations and also maintain discipline at all times. The training is taught in a very clear, instructive manner and Marcus' style of teaching makes it enjoyable throughout. Everyone is so welcoming and I've made friends for life in the club.”​
-- Michelle Coyle


“I've trained in various martial arts over the years, and never have I encountered such camaraderie and dedication to improvement as in the Dwyer dojo. Marcus and his instructors devote their time to advancing their own knowledge and passing it on to the other club members, and considering the extensive knowledge in the club, the lack of ego is astounding”​
-- Colm Warner

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