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Bujinkan, what is it?

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a Japanese Martial arts drawing elements of nine ancient schools of Samurai and Ninjutsu martial arts, together into a single study. The modern curriculum teaches Combat Jujutsu, Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu as well as punching, kicking, locks, chokes, grappling, throws, ground fighting, rolls and breakfalling. As well as the use of traditional weapons such as the Japanese sword, long, medium and short staff, rope and chain weapons, as well as the higher levels of Ninpo.

Dai Shihan Marcus Dwyer "Seigi Ryu Founder" - RIP

Marcus Dwyer who started the Seigi Ryu Dojo in 2000 and held the highest rank of Dai Shihan Ju Godan (15th Dan) in the Bujinkan, had trained for over 35 years in a varity of martial arts before dedicating his training to the art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Previously has had trained in Judo, Karate, Kempo, Shotokan, Full contact kickboxing, Boxing, Wing Tsun, Kung Fu, Aikido, Traditional Jujutsu, Brazilian Juijutsu and CQB.


He was a direct senior student of Dai Shihan Pedro Fleitas in Spain. Pedro is one of only a handful of direct personal students of Soke Massaki Hatsumi (34th Grandmaster).

Marcus also trained with Excel Security in the UK as a bodyguard, and worked for Media Security in Dublin as a head trainer for their doormen for over 7 years. Unlike so many people that teach self defence with no backround in applying their art to real life situations, Marcus teaches from his experience of real life encounters.

Marcus also ran the highly successful Oriental Medicine Clinic in Lucan. He was currently one of only three people in Ireland to hold a B.Sc, in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and the only advanced Master Tungs acupuncturist in Ireland.


Marcus tragically passed away suddenly in late 2018 and loss to the dojo is felt every day.  His dojo passed to his senior student Shihan Jugo Dan Hujo Gunn who is committed to continuing his training legacy into the future. In Memoriam

Hujo Gunn Shihan Jugo Dan (15th Dan) – Head Instructor

Hujo Gunn started training initially in the Bujinkan in 1984 and was present on both occasions that Soke Hatsumi visited and taught in Ireland in the 1980’s.  After a break in training in the 90’s Hujo recommenced training with Shidoshi at the time, Marcus Dwyer in 2000.   Hujo passed his Godan (5th Dan) test and was awarded his instructors license in Japan in Feb 2008 and went on later that year to open his own club the Bujinkan Gunn Dojo in Walkinstown.  Hujo continued training with Marcus and was his senior student up until his sudden death in late 2018.  Hujo is now the head instructor of the Seigi Ryu dojo and tasked with continuing Marcus’s training legacy.  He continues his own training directly with Soke Hatsumi and his senior instructors in Japan and is also a direct senior student of Dai Shihan Pedro Fleitas in Spain.

Philip Stanley - Senior Instructor

Philip is Marcus' senior student and second in command in the Dojo. He has been training in  martial arts since the age of 14. He began his Bujinkan training in 1994 under Dave Carol and later Steve Byrne. After a break away he returned to training under Marcus Dwyer in 2003. He has travelled to Japan on several occasions to train and has attended many courses in Europe, the UK and, of course, here at home in Ireland. Philip passed his Godan Test at the 2008 Daikomyosai.

George Hynes Shidoshi Kyudan (9th Dan) - Instructor

I started training with Shihan Marcus Dwyer in 2003 and have continued my  training ever since . Over the years  i  have travelled to  Tai Kai's and Seminars across Ireland and Europe and have become one of Marcus' senior students . I  passed my Godan ( 5th Dan ) test in 2013.

Colin Website Pic_Feb19.jpg
Colin O'Neill Shidoshi Hachidan (8th Dan) – Instructor

I started training in the Bujinkan in 2008 with Marcus Dwyer and have continued to train in the Bujinkan Dwyer Dojo. I have travelled to Japan on several occasions to train with Soke Hatsumi and his senior instructors and students. I passed my Godan (5th Dan) test and was awarded my instructors license in Japan in Feb 2017.

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