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About Us

Some of the members of the Dojo at the recent seminar given in Dublin by Senior Shihan Pedro Fleitas's



Are you tired of just being treated like you are just another student? Instructors don't know your name? Been thrown in at the deep end with no previous skill? If any of these ring a bell with you then you have finally reached the right club.

At the Bujinkan Seigi Ryu Dojo we treat people differently. The beginners course is designed to be extremely effective and easy to learn. We only take a maximun 12 students on any of the beginners courses to make sure you receive excellent tuition and the environment you train in is safe and not over crowded.



The main class of the Dojo is a different pace. First it's important to notice that this is a 2 hour class, not 1 hour like most clubs.Here we will condition you to superior fitness. You will also enter into the exciting world of the classical warrior schools that have lasted the test of time (over 900 years) and advance the skills and build upon what you have learned in the beginners course.


Advancing through the club syllabus you will never get bored with the sheer amount of information supplied by the school of study.

With such a diverse art you will study a diverse set of fighting/self-defence skills/ weapons skills, both defensively and offensively.



We also do outdoor training were we further hone the skills you have alread learnt indoors. This will give you the opportunity to "road test" your skillset in a more natural environment. Being outdoors means you have different challenges than what you would face on the mats.


Regularly testing your skills in this enviroment will aid you in gaining a better understanding of the realities and where your skills currently lie, allowing you to take your training to another level.

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