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In Memory of
Daishihan Marcus Dwyer

Seigi Ryu

Righteous Dragon

For all the titles shown above, they only show a small part of what our teacher was and how he inspired his students.

Always smiling, he would edge you on, to try something you never thought you'd manage to do. On such occasions, he'd remind us, "This is the Bujin-Can, not the Bujin-Can't!"
I have learnt (eventually) thanks to Marcus that there is no more limiting factor in my own life, than myself.

He was always wanting his students to question what they thought they saw, felt or understood. As a Budoka it is a very important aspect, to never stop questioning ones own knowledge and understanding of what is happening, and why. Marcus would lead us through a basic grasp of a technique, through its flow, demonstrating its feeling and intentions, picking out details, only to change it all and show some different aspect everyone in the dojo utterly missed.

We were his "special ones".

Family was always the most important thing for him. First and foremost, he was a husband and a father.
To say he adored his family is an understatement. His wife and their three children was everything to him.

His second family was the members of his club, a club which he poured his heart and soul into.
The connections he made with other members of the Bujinkan worldwide were invaluable to him.

He lived and learned, trained and struggled, so he could share what he had found.
With all his heart, he showed us how few things in life are truly important, and how important they truly are.

He was never going to give up taking care of his families.
He never did, despite his illness through many years.
He still smiled, laughed and cared for everyone around him.

He was truly a "special one".

For all the titles above, none of them truly matter.
Only one thing does.


In Loving Memory

From us "special ones".
For you, Debbie, Ben, Matt and Luke.
We will keep going.

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