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Beginners course April 2023

Starting Tues 11th April at 7pm

We are opening our doors for a new beginners course to start on the 31st of August. No previous experience in Martial Arts is required, nor any specific fitness level. All that is required is that you bring yourself, loose fitting clothing such as training pants and a t-shirt. No shoes required.

Course is a 3-month course specifically designed for those who have not had prior experience in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. In this course we will teach you all the basics you will need in order to stay safe during training and have a basic understanding of the foundations of this art. Once you have completed this course, and passed your grading, you are then able to train in the Seniors class.

Classes start at 7PM, so please make sure you are there in ample time to get changed and to get registered for the first class.

This course includes classes twice a week, giving you a total of 24 classes. We hold classes on a Tuesday and Thursday night, and will cost €75.

To sign up, please contact Shihan Hujo Gunn at or 0863890960

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