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Senior Class

After training and receiving your first grade in the beginners course, successful students will be invited to join the senior class. The main class of the Dojo is a different pace. First its important to notice that this is a 2 hour class, not 1 hour like most clubs.Here we will condition you to superior fitness . You will also enter into the exciting world of the classical warrior schools that have lasted the test of time (over 900 years) and advance the skills and build upon what you have learned in the beginners course. Here in the main class we look in depth at the various schools, techniques both standing and on the ground, modern and traditional weapons, self defence/street defence tactics, multiple opponent fighting ect. Its a 2 hour class that goes too quick!


The skills you have aquired in the beginners course will here be honed and put to the test. In the senior class those skills are built upon and will bring you a lifetime of study. You will find yourself gaining a better understanding of distance, angling, timing and rythm which will allow you to progress from having a single opponent that is slowly attacking you, through having multiple attackers at once. You will also move from your unarmed combat using the same skills as you learn in armed combat.


Advancing through the club syllabus you will never get bored with the sheer amount of information supplied by the school of study.

With such a diverse art you will study a diverse set of fighting/self-defence skills/ weapons skills, both defensively and offensively.

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